I see you

I see you.

Girl in the red blazer. You are my next victim.

I see you, but you don’t even know I’m here.


Oblivious is dangerous.

You amble along, talking on your mobile. I bet you’re talking to your friends. Well, they’re not here. They can’t help you.

No-one can help you.

I see you, with your long black stockings and your skirt hitched up too high. I see your school bag, dangling from your shoulder. I see everything.

You see nothing.

I’m behind you. I’m getting closer.



So close I can almost touch you.

You sense my presence. You look around, surprised.

But it’s too late. I’ve already gone past.

And that, girlie, is how you get to school on time. Don’t dawdle, staring into space; pick someone in front of you and set off to overtake them. You, sunbeam, have just been overtaken by the master. Eat my dust.

Now, you. Man in the brown jacket. You are my next victim…