Dark Fantasy

Deep in the bowels of the deep, dark castle lay a deep, dark dungeon. The walls were dark. The floor was dark. Even the light was dark. Because there was only one window. With a curtain. Which was dark.

Gregor Hemmis rubbed his arms against his chains. How long had he been here? Years? Decades? He’d tried to count the days, marking them off on the wall with a piece of chalk, but it did no good. He couldn’t see the chalk marks. Because it was dark.

The cell door opened with a long, slow creak. Gregor couldn’t see the creak. But, if he could, he just knew it would be dark.

The guard’s footsteps echoed around the room as he approached.

‘Hello, Gregor,’ he said. ‘You look terrible. Well, you probably look terrible. I can’t see you in this dark.’

He placed a metal tray on the stone floor.

‘Eat your food,’ said the guard. ‘And today, because it’s your birthday, I have brought you a special treat.’

His footsteps rang out once again as he left. The cell door closed with a clang.

Gregor reached out for his bowl of gruel. His fingers searched the tray, hunting for this mysterious surprise. They found something. A small, soft cube. Gregor lifted it up towards his face. He sniffed. Could it be? After all this time, was this really chocolate? He took a bite.

‘No!!!!!!’ he wailed.

Why did it have to be dark chocolate?